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11 things to do in the Maldives, unforgettable honeymoon destination for honeymooners

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OMG! There is so much to say about the Maldives! After the hectic preparation of the wedding and all the hustle and bustle of the wedding ceremonies, what would you like to do next? Of course, the honeymoon comes to mind. The Maldives embody at best the divine and romantic evening. For honeymooners, there are many exciting things to do in the Maldives. So, what do you want when you're on your honeymoon? You will spend a night stargazing with your beloved, sitting under a thatched roof bungalow on a private beach by the pool, practicing water sports or simply lying under a blue sky under the sun. All this is offered by the Maldives; In fact, Maldives aims to make your dreams sexy and passionate when you're on your honeymoon.

11 things to do in Maldives

1. Swim with the gentle giants of the Indian Ocean
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Dip and swim in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean on your honeymoon. The majestic Manta Bay offers you an exceptional experience to cherish great white sharks and other great sea creatures. Do not forget to include this in your things to do in the Maldives. By swimming around the Maldive Islands in particular, atolls of Ari and Baa, you will witness the white shark, the whale shark and much more.
Prices / Tickets - According to the operator
Location - South Ari Atoll
Any other specialty - This is a marine protected area and whale sharks here do not attack.

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2. Spend a few days in the most luxurious resorts of the Maldives
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The Maldives is perhaps the ultimate luxury resort to visit in the world. Whether it's sun worshipers, honeymooners, scuba divers or celebrities, this destination has become synonymous with paradise. Everyone who comes here falls in love with this place. Exceptional luxury villas and resorts with chic, modern amenities, which are certainly part of Maldives' honeymoon activities. For example, Park Hyatt, Landaa Iraavaru Four Seasons, Jumeirah Dhevanafushi, etc.
Prices / Tickets - Different according to your selection
Opening and closing hours - 24 hours

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3. Visit New Island Every Day - The Maldives
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Dark coconut palm, white sand beaches, lined islands, tranquil lagoons, colorful corals, azure seas, turquoise waters - all for a thrilling and romantic honeymoon tour. With a profusion of marine life, the Maldives offer breathtaking beauty that serves as a backdrop to this adventure. You can sunbathe and enjoy the sun with exhilarating water sports activities.
Location - Any island of your choice or that you have customized and take a tour according to your choice
Opening and closing hours - 24 hours

4. Try the underwater treasure hunt in the Maldives
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The Maldives offer hiking sensations with the exciting activities and adventures of underwater sports. There are superbly designed and luxurious resorts offering a very large underwater treasure hunt. Add this adventure to your activities in the Maldives on your honeymoon. For example, Thulhgiri and Paradise Island are the two seaside resorts that offer snorkeling experiences in the Maldives. You will find incredible snorkelling activities, fish seeking, diving, swimming, shells, sharks, mantas, crabs or just relax and unwind at the beach. .
Distance from Maldives Airport - Differs with your choice of resort
Prices / Tickets - Usually the price includes only the resort package
Opening and closing hours - lunch and dinner

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5. Sail The Winds - Windsurfing in Maldives
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"It's not the wind that blows, but all the sailing." The Maldivian Islands are fantastic and one of the best things to do in the Maldives is by far. Whether it's your romantic trip, your honeymoon or just relaxing with your friends, you would like to sail with the wind and enjoy the beautiful waters with an incredible range of leisure activities. Such as, you can enjoy surfing, wakeboarding at the deep sea, fishing under deep waters and so on.
Prices / Tickets - It all depends on the number of hours you want to spend in the waters. Of course, it is sometimes included in the package of the complex.
Opening and closing hours - during the day

6. Meet the smart creatures - Dolphin Watching Maldives
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You will be intrigued to know that the Maldives ranks among the top five places on Earth for whale and dolphin watching. Is not it great? People are jumping here just to see these beautiful sea creatures that are seen in more than 20 different species (a quarter of the global total). You can find Dolphin Spinner, Acrobatic Dolphin and many other species of whales. It's very fun and it brings a lot of smiles to the faces of children and travelers. Do not miss in Maldives
Prices / Tickets - For a private rental, the price is about 300 USD for 2 people.
Opening and closing hours - Maldives seaside resorts offer dolphin trips in the morning and afternoon to see the spinners.

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7. Have a romantic dinner at the beach
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Four Seasons Resort, Conrad Maldives and Rangali Island, are just a few examples where couples love to share their love and love at the seaside with a glass of wine and sparkling music. These exotic resorts and many others give you the opportunity to surprise your love for a candlelight dinner and spend beautiful moments under the starry sky.
Distance from Maldives Airport - It depends on the resort you choose
Prices / Tickets - There is no specific cost but it will be included in the package.
Any other specialty - you can choose a custom romantic dinner option

8. Adopt a coral reef in the Maldives
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In the Maldives, try to adopt a pet. In association with a resident marine biologist, Alexia Pihier, in Iruveli, Maldives, The Beach House has implemented a coral restoration program. Be part of the eco-journey where you can contribute to the environment and help the authorities to make a meaningful and concrete contribution. Maldives coral reef fish are a valuable resource for fishing and tourism in the Maldives. Therefore, include this in your list of things to do in the Maldives.
Prizes / Tickets - Tourists participating in the "Adopt a Coral Reef" non-profit program pay $ 150 (£ 93) per image ($ 40 - £ 25 for children). The cost of adoption is 30 euros per coral
Rental - Catamaran Adventure aboard a K1 Top Cat and a new Bravo Mini Cat - Hobie's latest addition to sailing
Any other specialty - Many resorts keep a promotion house open to coral adoption.

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9. Explore an uninhabited island
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When you're in the Maldives, the turquoise waters and sunny beaches invite honeymooners to do some quest in some isolated islands. It is usual to advance on the islands, but do not forget to include a few days in your list of things to do in the Maldives, as this will help you explore some of the untamed islands on these sun-drenched tropical beaches and shores of the Indian Ocean. Take a ride on an uninhabited island with possibly a campsite, a barbecue on the beach, etc. Build your own tropical paradise!
Prices / Tickets - Depends on the resort you choose to stay

10. Take a tour of the capital, Male
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Male is considered a secret paradise. This capital is blessed with breathtaking sights and local attractions not to be missed from your nightlife in Maldives. There is no better way to savor the "real Maldives" than through the eyes of the local people. Visit Huraa Island or take a 4-hour city tour to Male which will include the Sultan Park Presidential Palace and the Friday Mosque, optional. Also enjoy the residential streets shaded by trees and forming arches in height.
Distance from Maldives Airport - It will take about 45 minutes
Location - Man

11. Try the paddle on the beaches of the Maldives
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The Maldives is a relatively unobtrusive destination, mainly because of its isolated and hushed island. It contains 99% water and therefore offers the possibility of adventure activities and water sports. Why not try paddle boarding in the Maldives? You can enjoy the warm waters with a whiff of blood in the blood. People choose to travel to the Maldives for surfing and boating to escape everyday life. Try active water sports Maafushi (Maafushi Island), Gulhi Island Water Sports (Gulhi Island) and much more in the pool.
Prices / Tickets - 2 hours - $ 10 / full day - $ 30 (differs depending on the cruise operator)
Opening and closing hours - the day

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