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Top 7 Things to do in Thailand

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Discover 7 of the best things you would not want to spend on a trip to this dynamic Southeast Asian nation.

1. The grand palace
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This beautiful series of buildings with golden ends is over 200 years old and perhaps the most famous destination in Bangkok. Yes, this may sound like a tourist trap, but the history and grandeur of the complex are palpable: since 1782, it is the official residence of Siam (and later Thailand).
Pendant you are, do not miss the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho, which houses the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand. Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn, is another site not to be missed: it's beautiful and intriguing up-close, with its mosaic details, as you climb to the top. Follow us on 7 instructions to travel to Thailand, so as not to offer local customs.

At night, the Grand Palais is illuminated and well, you probably still meet crowds, it's a very romantic experience.

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2. The golden triangle
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The point of intersection of the Mekong River and Ruak River is known locally as Sop Ruak, but for the rest of the world it is the golden triangle: the meeting point of Burma / Myanmar, the Laos and Thailand.

Sit on the banks of Thailand and watch Burma / Myanmar and Laos, or rent a boat to take a closer look. You will find the market statutes of Buddha and elephants.

It was a prolific area of ​​opium cultivation; exhibitions at the Opium Palace of the Golden Triangle.

If you want to venture further afield, click on our guide to alternative routes in Thailand and discover a little less.

3. An elephant experience
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Elephant is the national symbol of Thailand and a revered animal. There are many ways to meet or work with animals all over the country.

 Unfortunately, cruelty to animals is a real problem in some elephant sanctuaries - for example, avoid any center that forces elephants to perform tricks.

Fortunately, there are also many good experiences with ele. The Elephant Nature Park rehabilitates the saved elephants and facilitates their visit. To combine your elephant experience with luxury accommodations, try the award-winning Elephant Hills; a comfortable tent camp, with opportunities for interaction with animals.
We have listed some of the best ethical elephant experiences.

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4. Island hopping
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Thailand has more than 5,000 kilometers of coastline that would then be explored. Make a long-distance boat trip and restore as many beaches as possible. Discover Phang Nga Bay and the famous limestone rocks photographed off the west coast of Thailand, or jump from one island to another in the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Krabi. Here you will find white sand beaches and an abundance of snorkeling at Ko Phi Phi Lee and Ko Phi Phi Don. You want to capture fantastic photos while diving in a free dive Consult our expert guide on underwater photography.

The calm sea and clear conditions are ideal for kayaking. It's a great way to explore islands without mass on tour boats or ferries, and to live at your own pace. The coasts of Koh Phan Ngan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand are particularly picturesque.

5. The villages of the hill tribes
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The Akha, Lisu, Hmong and Karen tribes are found in northern Thailand. Take a break on the tourist trail and spend a day or a few nights with a local family to learn and experience their way of life. Choose your tour guide wisely - make sure it works ethically and sustainably.
Check out our guide to mountain hikes in Thailand to find out how to meet locals on the country's most colorful tribal treks.

6. Festivals
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Visitors are welcome to participate in local celebrations and most festivals and events offer a unique insight into local customs and traditions.

Loi Krathong in Nov. , Songkran Water Festival / Thai New Year in April (read our Songkran guide here) and the Naga Fireballs in October, a natural phenomenon that occurs once a year.

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7. Floating markets
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This is the iconic photo cliché: the floating market, with its rickety wooden boats stacked with colorful local products. Choose a market and arrive early to avoid the crowds and get the best deals. Please Do not forget your camera, these markets are very colorful.

Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi: The most famous floating market, located 100 km southwest of Bangkok, on the road to Hua Hin / Cha-am.

Amphawa Floating Market, Samut Songkhram: Open in the afternoon and located next to a temple.

Floating market weekend Taling Chan, Bangkok: recently discovered by tourists, this market is quite authentic and frequented by locals. Try a range of Thai fruits, including cream apples, yellow longan and durian.

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