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Top 6 Things to do in Bali for your Honeymoon

Bali Honeymoon Package from India
Known as the Island of the Gods, the breathtaking beauty of Bali comes in many forms: exotic temples with beautiful natural landscapes, towering volcanoes, virgin forests, rich wildlife and fascinating sunsets ... after sunset, you will find the slopes Dance from famous places to parties to the edge Spend your days tanning lazily on the best beaches in Bali, surf in the waves or relax in one of the famous beach clubs, with a fresh coconut at your side. It is not surprising that many nomads and digital expats are planting their roots there. It goes without saying that Bali is also a honeymoon spot for newlyweds. Let us share our 24 main things to do in Bali with you.

6 things to do on your honeymoon in Bali

1. Climb an active volcano - Mount Batur and Mount Agung

Mount Batur
Bali Honeymoon Packages from India
Mount Batur, an active volcano surrounded by a 13 km caldera lake, is a hobby for adventure. The ascent to 1717 m altitude, the ascent lasts from 2 to 3 hours, depending on your level of fitness. The pleasure of climbing an active volcano is part of the package. At the summit, on a clear day, we promise you an unforgettable casting at dawn in a spectacular landscape. You can take a winding road to the lakeshore that will take you to Toya Bungkah, the temple of Ulun Danu Batur and a collection of hot springs. Mount Batur is about 3 hours by car from Kuta. Click here for a trekking guide to Mount Batur in Tripcanvas. You can also see Mount Batur in a jeep with this circuit.

Travel tips: for those who do not want to climb or get up early in the morning, but want to see the volcano, head to the village of Pinggan, where you can admire the landscape without sweating.

Mount batur
Penelokan, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali

Mount Agung
Bali Honeymoon Packages from India
If you are a big fan of climbing, Mount Agung is located southeast of Mount Batur. With a height of 3,031 meters above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Bali and the fifth highest in Indonesia. Climbing Mount Agung is not an easy task and requires a higher level of physical condition. The four-hour dawn begins at 2:30 am, be sure to refuel. You will walk in the dark in some places, but most of the guides give you lighthouses. Make sure you wear good shoes and have enough water with you. As Mount Agung has had five times in 2017, be sure to check out the latest volcanic action updates before going there. Click here for a detailed guide to climb Mount Agung in Tripcanvas.

Mount Ijen and Mount Bromo in Surabaya
Bali Family Tour
On our trip this year, we flew from Bali to Surabaya in East Jaya. The flight lasted less than an hour. We drove 6 hours to Mount Ijen, waiting to see the blue light. Unfortunately, it was closed due to toxic gases. Then we drove 4 hours to Mount Bromo to climb at sunrise and the view is spectacular. If you are not a great climber, Mount Bromo is ideal for you. There is virtually no climbing to do when you ride a jeep to the point of sunrise, then to the boiler. From the bottom, you can climb the steps that take between 10 and 15 minutes to climb to the top.

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2. Live like royalty in your own private pool.
Live like royalty in your own private pool
Bali is renowned for owning some of Southeast Asia's finest villas, some of which are so luxurious that they can be said to offer an experience close to paradise on earth. For your honeymoon in Bali, enjoy private pools, Jacuzzis and infinite spa treatments. Find out what are our selections for the top 10 honeymoon hotels in Bali.

Travel Tip: Nusa Dua is the most exclusive area of ​​Bali where you will find many luxury hotels. The beach here is generally quiet, well maintained and is one of Bali's best beaches for snorkeling.

3. Otherwise, take a look at the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Tabanan
Otherwise, take a look at the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Tabanan
The rice terraces of Jatiluwih in Tabanan, in western Bali, are another beautiful place to visit. The rice fields cover more than 600 hectares, which makes it a magnificent site. Click here for a tour that will take you to Jatiluwih's terraced rice paddies, followed by the volcanic hot springs of Angseri at the foot of Mount Batukaru and ancient temples off the beaten track.
If you are adventurous enough, you can try an agricultural workshop at The Organic Farm, which will allow you to live a day in the life of a farmer during your visit. Learn more about the process of planting rice among local farmers, plant and harvest seeds with their own hands, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. He will leave with a new appreciation of rice. Or visit this tour of Tanjuk Village for a unique glimpse into Balinese life: you will learn for yourself how to plow, plant, transplant and harvest rice.

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4. Create huge splash in water park n. ° 1 in Asia, Waterbom Bali
Create huge splash in water park n. ° 1 in Asia, Waterbom Bali
Voted Best Water Park No. 1 in Asia and No. 2 in the WORLD by Tripadvisor in 2016, Waterbom Bali is a water park not to be missed, especially if you are an adrenaline lover. Located in the middle of the famous Kuta section, Waterbom has thrilling water slides that cover 3.8 hectares of wonders in tropical parks. Whether it's thrilling attractions or lazy rivers, you can rest assured that Waterbom Bali will add an explosion to your honeymoon in Bali. Ticket prices are IDR 442,000 (~ 42 USD) for a one-day pass. We suggest you book online to avoid queues.

5. Admire the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
Admire the beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
This iconic Hindu temple rests on a large rock formation and is one of seven marine temples that surround the Balinese coastline. Tanah Lot is a Bali icon not to be missed. As part of Balinese mythology, legend says that the rock on which Tanah Lot rests was moved to the sea by a high priest (Dang Hyang Nirartha) who had to face opposition from the village chief and transformed his snake belt to protect his base. The sight of his power led to the loyalty of the leader. You can cross at low tide to the base, and although you can not visit the temple park, the panoramic view is worth it.

Temple of Tanah Lot
Jalan Raya Tanah Lot, village of Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan
Opening hours: 7h-19h

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6. Relax on Bali's best beaches
Relax on Bali's best beaches

Bali has a beautiful collection of beaches, white sand beaches lined with palm trees and black sand beaches. Each sandy cove offers you a different experience. The most popular being Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, followed by the quieter shores of Sanur, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran.
Kuta Beach is ideal for learning to surf. You can purchase a package that includes an instructor for around 150,000 IDR (15-20 USD), or just a table for around 50,000 USD per hour. Click here for a surf lesson with pick-up and return to the hotel. You can also relax on the gray sand with a Bintang beer in hand - many hawkers peddle food, drinks, trinkets and massages. Sun loungers are available for rent at around IDR 50,000 (USD 5) for an hour. Admire the beautiful sunset and at nightfall, Kuta is enlivened by a vibrant nightlife. There is also a new Beachwalk complex for shopping, and you'll find international brands like H & M and Ripcurl and more. Legian Beach, near Kuta Beach, is separated by a narrow beach road inaccessible to cars. If you're looking for a less crowded option with the same benefits, Legian Beach may be your beach. If you want to escape the crowds, try Balangan Beach, located 40 minutes from Kuta.

Uluwatu Beach is also ideal for surfing. Under it hides the cave of Suluban beach that looks like a dragon hideout. Seminyak, home to more upmarket and upscale establishments, is the beach towards which to head for a chic meeting place at the beach. Sanur and Jimbaran are two quieter options, the main difference between Sanur and a quiet and rustic fishing village, while Jimbaran is home to 5-star resorts and seafood restaurants that can be very expensive.

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