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Top 10 Honeymoon Places in Kerala for a Romantic Getaway

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Romantic honeymoons often mean long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners and luxury accommodation in 5-star hotels. However, Kerala honeymoon locations include authentic Ayurvedic experiences and casual boat rides. These detonations include the Chembara Peak Wayganad, the treehouse facing the Athirappilly Waterfalls, the Munnar Tea Gardens and the Kumarakom Barge Cruise. From the lush meadows of Vagamon to the colonial streets of Fort Kochi, these are our choices for the best romantic getaways and the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala.

1. Munnar - Tea Gardens Walk and Honeymoon Photo
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The green tea plantations of Munnar, bathed in white haze and sunshine at dawn, where women prepare to pick fresh tea leaves are Kerala's most popular honeymoon destination. You go out in the mountains covered with tea gardens and the time stops. Visitors can take photos while walking in these gardens with the shade of greenery all around. The lush green tea garden, in the heart of Munnar, is the pinnacle here. . Your senses open to the fragrance of tea, punctuated by birds, and admire a fascinating view of other tourist attractions such as the echo point and the waterfalls. Check out our Misty Munnar Tour Package for a trip to the top of Chembara.

2. Wayanad - Chembra peak & heart-shaped lake
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Chembra Peak is the highest peak in the Wayanad District, Kerala. A perennial heart-shaped lake, located halfway up the summit, is ranked among the best honeymoon spots in Kerala. The lake is renowned for its longevity and still contains water The time of year. The heart-shaped honeymoon lake is halfway up the summit and you have to walk and walk about one or two kilometers of dense trees to reach the top of the summit after reaching the lake. The lake is mainly covered with mist and snow and is an ideal place for couples and ranks among the best places for honeymoon in Kerala. Check out our exciting Wayanad package for a trip to the top of Chembara.

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3. Kumarakom - barge cruise in the backwaters
Kumarakom - barge cruise in the backwaters
Kerala still has many original waterways in the return waters of Alleppey or Kumarakom. Take a cruise in the backwaters of Kumarakom for a close-up view of the green rice fields and lush coconut groves. We recommend Kumarakom in Alleppey for couples because Kumarakom has large pools, unlike Alleppey's narrow alleys, which are much more crowded. If you plan to visit the black waters of Kerala, consider booking a houseboat from August to February. The summer months mean humidity, more tourists and overcrowded background sources, while the monsoon attracts closed businesses and stormy weather and the season we propose is the best time to go to Kerala and offer the best food, less people and a pleasant climate.

4. Marari Beach- Traditional Kerala Cottage with Private Pool
Marari Beach- Traditional Kerala Cottage with Private Pool

The sparkling turquoise blue waters of Mararis are a real attraction with bright sunshine, and delicious cuisine attracts honeymooners and seasoned travelers alike. Perhaps you would prefer to dive before starting the day with a walk on the beach in the morning in a pool inside the private cottage. Swimming in a large swimming pool where privacy is preserved is a snapshot for all partners. Make good memories and play some games, maybe. Nothing relaxes tired legs after a day of combined and relaxing walking, as if you spent a few moments at the pool before having a good night's sleep as well. Discover our luxury vacation in classic Kerala for a trip to the summit of Chembara.

5. Athirappilly - Treehouse facing waterfalls
Athirappilly - Treehouse facing waterfalls
Athirappilly is largely untouched by the crowds visiting Kerala for tourist and tourist purposes. Athirappilly is home to a treehouse with a roar, roar and unparalleled views of waterfalls in the middle of the forest, with privacy and privacy. You can sit in the lush green. lawn in this complex and watch the waterfall disappear at the end of the day as the sunlight fades and you can also have a pristine view of the waterfalls while bathing in the pool that faces those -this. This honeymoon venue which is the hidden gem of Kerala is an ultimate retreat for any couple.

6. Kovalam - Rocky Walk overlooking the beach
Kovalam - Rocky Walk overlooking the beach
The rocky shores of Kovalam Beach in the pages of a romantic mill and a fabulous novel where a huge rocky terrain that juts into the sea on the beach was created to bathe in calm waters . Visitors can explore unique cultural beaches, attend a cultural show or stroll through the waterfront highlands. Climb the cliff and admire the Kovalam lighthouse that overlooks the Kovalam shoreline and the Arabian Sea. Spend the day visiting Kovalam at one of Exotic Escape hotels in Kerala, in a lush seaside village with cliff-top gardens and a crowd of spectators. Enjoy your stay at Leela Kovalam Beach Resort, known for world-class dining, unfailing service and sumptuous rooms. Enjoy tanning massages, swimming, herbal body massages, special cultural activities like kathali show and Ayurvedic massage with your special partner. Discover our luxurious getaway for a holiday in Kovalam in two of the best seaside resorts of Kerala.

7. Fort Kochi- Reuse of Heritage and Colonial Culture
Fort Kochi- Reuse of Heritage and Colonial Culture

The many atmospheres and historic atmosphere of Fort Kochi, as well as its casual colonial charm, make it a romantic and comfortable romantic getaway. Take a stroll down the main streets of Princess Street, home to historic bungalows and roadside restaurants filled with non-Indian crowds. The boat pier offers perfect scenery, with Chinese fishing nets and views of Kochi Harbor. Spend an evening at Kasi Arts Café and explore the property's collection of hearts and friendly surroundings. Princess Street is home to some of the finest restaurants and boutique cottages. It offers quaint shops, perfect for buying souvenirs from Kerala. Enjoy Fort Kochi with our Kochi Fort Kochi packages.

8. Poovar - Floating Chalets in the Estuary
Poovar - Floating Chalets in the Estuary

What is honeymoon with a unique experience in the world of ocean life, ocean life in the ocean, the oceanic atmosphere in the ocean around you. The floating cottages in Poovar offer just that. The floating cottages are an extraordinary experience. You continue to move when you arrive at the boat with the small balcony overlooking the backwaters with a fantastic view of the Poovar estuary where the beach, the backwaters, the lake is a full service resort. The station is a full-service station. The captivating honeymoon package of Poovar is a perfect way to enjoy the stay in the floating cottages.

9. Munnar - Boating in the tranquility of the Kundala Dam
Munnar - Boating in the tranquility of the Kundala Dam

Kundala is a picturesque place located on the road to Top Station, about twenty kilometers from the city of Munnar. There is an artificial dam at Kundala, which is the first arch-dam in Asia, and the boating experience is a romantic experience that makes it a must visit among Kerala's honeymoon locations.
Kundala has many valleys and mountains around the dam where Neela Kurunji, the famous flowers, bloom. You can do pedalo, shikkara and rowing boat at the Kundala Dam and if you're lucky you can go to Kundala when the cherry blossoms bloom twice a year.

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10. Vagamon - Green Meadows
Vagamon - Green Meadows

What is a honeymoon without grassy hills, this is exactly what the vagamon offers to any couple. If you want to escape the crowds, do not go to Munnar but go to Vagamon. The picturesque landscapes of Vagamon attract visitors from around the world, but they are lush meadows that extend well beyond and beyond. Vagamon has a cultural shadow and Murugan Hill, Thangal Hill and Kurisumala important for various religions in Kerala.

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