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The 8 best things to do on a honeymoon in the Maldives

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Believe it or not, my lovely new husband was not sold immediately when I first introduced the idea of ​​a honeymoon in the Maldives.

"But what can be done in the Maldives?" He asked innocently.
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Aside from the fact that after all the preparation and stress involved in organizing a destination wedding, my ideal honeymoon involved not doing anything at all, so her assumption turned out to be very wrong. During our 4 days at Coco Bodu Hithi, we barely stopped as we went from the pool to the spa to the ocean or dinner - wrapped in this best kind of world. Justin was so taken by marine life that I often had to pull him out of the water with the promise of feeding. (The fish is just about everything he has talked about since we returned to Sydney!)

So, for all couples who are considering a romantic getaway to the Maldives, I thought I would like to round off our favorite experiences. There are a lot of activities that you can book in your complex but it's the ones that worked perfectly for us, the newlyweds.

1. Snorkelling
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The reef of Coco Bodu Hithi is absolutely amazing. The first day we blocked our snorkels under the water right outside our villa, we immediately raised our heads to exclaim "wow". To put the diversity and color of marine life in context, I can tell you that during our stay in Thailand, we traveled for 90 minutes by speedboat from the mainland to snorkel in the isolated islands of Surin. It was a fantastic experience, but it was perfectly at the height of the reef, a simple shot of our stay in the Maldives.

We rented snorkeling gear at the hotel the first morning and used it several times a day to check different parts of the reef around the island. Key activities include the discovery of oriental capsules, black-footed anemone fish, beautiful sea anemones and one of the local nested sea turtles, Nikolaj.

Some days, it was not even necessary to be in the water to spot the reef sharks and manta rays that floated in front of the restaurants. We also took part in a snorkel with marine biologist Lisa, from the seaside resort, who taught us about the ocean and marine life in this region and organized our meeting with Nikolaj.

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2. Spa-in
If Snorkelling was Justin's favorite activity, the spa visit was definitely mine. From the moment I saw the stilt treatment rooms with outdoor hot tubs at Coco Spa, I felt incredibly satisfied and that feeling continued as we experienced two different couples massages during our stay .

Our first massage was a Balinese-influenced oil massage, which alleviated the inconveniences of flying, but the second package we offered was a special honeymoon package, which I can only describe like 2 hours of total happiness. My treatment consisted of a full polish of the body with coconut (surprisingly comforting on my skin slightly burned by the sun), followed by a facial and a massage Coco Fusion. Justin, meanwhile, had the fusion and facial massage (his first facial, verdict: a winner) and foot reflexology, which essentially turned this shy man into a spa fan. The treatment rooms overlooked the turquoise sea and as we were given a fresh coconut drink and a stick of dark chocolate to end the treatment, we agreed that it was the sweetest we have felt since years.

3. Fishing
Here is an activity that I did not expect to put on this list, but listen to me! Experience traditional Maldivian angling that guests at the resort can book at any time of the day. Our hosts suggested we try it on a covered afternoon and I agreed, thinking it would be fun for Justin while I watched.

However, scarcely had I received the line when I suddenly felt very eager to feel a tug. Several times during the tour, which Justin and I had reserved for ourselves, I thought I would win a big shot to lose it at the last moment. Our captain was more successful, however, and kindly let me go back to a snapper he had hooked so that I felt some form of satisfaction. He is also very close to catching a barracuda, the big fish of these waters, but the beast jumps from the hook as soon as I have held the line. More luck next time!

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4. Sunset Sailing
Sunset Sailing
It's great to go out on the water in the Maldives as the reef sheltered bays are calm and clear. On our first night in the Maldives, Justin and I climbed onto the roof of a traditional Dhoni and sank into beanbags while serving delicate canapés and a glass of champagne.

We were only one of the two couples on this sunset cruise and even though the evening was a bit cloudy, it was fantastic to see the hotel from the water, having arrived in the darkness previous night. The boat makes a gentle tour of the island serving cold drinks and a pink sky before dropping off at the hotel in time for dinner.

5. Sandbank Dining
Sandbank Dining
It was something I really wanted to live in the Maldives, but unfortunately it was the wrong time of year for the sandbars in this area. For those who have not heard of it, the sandbanks are those isolated white sand islands that you see on Pinterest and that the hotel can arrange to accompany you for a picnic or a private dinner.

Although I was disappointed not to be able to visit one (this time!), I appreciated the honesty of our butler, Mohan, who stated that it would not be idyllic at this time of the year because of tidal structure. At least we saved something fantastic on our next visit to the Maldives.

6. In-Room Dining
In-Room Dining
However, we enjoyed many fantastic culinary experiences, including my favorite was on the terrace of our villa. Mohan, our helpful lifestyle host, came to our villa to take our order one morning and then served a real breakfast feast on our private terrace overlooking the water.

It was sublime to enjoy our coffee, our pastries (and the rest!) In our privacy, then plunge them into the pool and cool off. If we had stayed longer, I would certainly have done it a few times.
We also enjoyed a wonderful meal at the resort's Aqua Restaurant, which features private waterfront lodges at the opposite end of the island from our villa. Here, we caught the last violet rays of the sun while tasting local seafood and Asian-inspired dishes.

7. Outdoor cinema
Outdoor cinema
Most nights, we wanted to go back to our villa and just watch the stars, but one night during our stay, the hotel organized its outdoor cinema on the sand in Latitude Beach. The setting itself looked like a movie scene as couples huddled in low couches, candles flickered and waiters served cocktails directly on the sand seats. I do not even remember what the film was because I was so caught up in the background - the night sky, the ocean, the moonlight. For ultimate romance, the hotel can arrange a moonlight cinema experience - I can only imagine how special that would be.

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8. Bathing
The last night of our stay, we returned to the villa to find a wonderful surprise in the bathroom. The household had filled the marble bathtub with bubbles and petals and left a beautiful message on the bed too.

We opened the doors to let in the night air, which mingled with the incense that the housekeeper had lit, and bathed for a long time listening to the ocean. I think they call this honeymoon paradise!

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